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The Story

When becoming a parent we imagine giving our kids the world. The best from the best since day one! From the shampoo, lotion, formula, clothes, ect. But what we didn't have in mind is how many hours we had to dedicate to our jobs in order to keep the best for our kids. The sacrifices we had to make, the day to day works and daycare.

Opening your own business is not easy as well and you have to make some sacrifices, but you are working for your on future with your family. We were blessed to make the big step and challenge ourself. We are all about family and culture, so we are doing it the only way we can to include everyone in the Gonzalez family.

FIZ Mexican Cafe INN is a unique and one of a kind name. When deciding of the name, we heard our kids and instantly said, "FIZ!" Since we are taking this step for our kids, why not name it after them? That is how FIZ was born! 

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3004 Cullen Street Fort Worth, TX 76107


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